New York Comic Con 2018 was certainly one to remember!

The busybusybusy of the bustling Con–we did two days this year!–kept me from fleshing out previews for this week’s list of books.  (Shame, too: I really wanted to write about some of ’em.) Yeah, yeah: your world’s been shattered; I get it.  Figured, however, that I’d give you the bare list and highlight what’s I&N Demand so, you know, you can pick up the pieces and go on with your life.

Update: I’ve gone with reviews of the books I’ve read so far!  Yay!

See: I care.

  • Infinite Dark #1 (Image)
  • Murder Falcon #1 (Image)
  • Oblivion Song #8 (Image)
  • Unnatural #4 (Image)
  • The Quantum Age #3 (Dark Horse): I&N Demand


  • She Could Fly #4 (Dark Horse/Berger Books): I&N Demand I just had to write a little something about this bloody beauty–and I did so in a 22 I&N 22.  Sad to see it come to an end; but, happy to echo, it’s not an end end.  Thank the Lord–and the Cantwell, the Marazzo, the Mrva, the Robins, and the Berger.


  • Catwoman #4 (DC)
  • Detective Comics #990 (DC)
  • Superman #4 (DC)
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #7 (Marvel)
  • Captain America #4 (Marvel)
  • The Immortal Hulk #7 (Marvel)
  • Venom #7 (Marvel)
  • Hot Lunch Special #3 (AfterShock): I&N Demand


  • Last Space Race #1 (AfterShock)
  • Survival Fetish #4 (Black Mask): I&N Demand Survival Fetish continues to be a top-of-the-pile book–and #4 is no exception: while things do slow down a bit (I mean, they had to, hey?  Just enough to catch our collective breath), Kindlon and Fuso still push the pace and Saheer from one tower-power player to the next, driving the high stakes even higher.  If this is, in fact, Saheer’s final run, I’ll be standing at the window cheering him on.  With Surival Fetish, the aforementioned creators–terrific storytellers, both–have, ironically, cemented themselves as must-buys going forward–ever forward.


  • The Wilds #5 (Black Mask)
  • The Wrong Earth #2 (Ahoy!): I&N Demand


What are you looking forward to this week?

Turning pages,