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I’m very excited to introduce a new I&N feature: 22 I&N 22.

In short: 22 I&N 22 is a 22-word review of a comic book–which is typically 22 pages long–done up I&N style, naturally.

The first book to get  the 22 I&N 22 treatment: Matt Kindt and David Rubín’s Ether: The Copper Golems #3 (Dark Horse).


All right, that was a lot of build up for a 22-word review; so with that necessary evil necessarily exorcised, going forward, no build up–just the review:

Despite challenging heat and posture-provoking peril, Boone Dias and crew sweat the hole thing–a dichotomous romp, both visually and intellectually “delicious”!

Let us know what you think–about Ether and about 22 I&N 22!

Turning pages,