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A nice balance of books–comic books, yes; checkbook, not so much.

  • The Massive #19 (Dark Horse): Brian Wood and Garry Brown have a long way to go to outdo what they did with “Longship,” the finest arc of the series thus far.  Could cut the tension with a harpoon–and just barely!  But they’ve got plenty of wind in their sails and Arkady–an even bigger threat than the great white whaler, Bors Bergsen–on deck, so I’m betting on better.
  • Mind MGMT #18 (Dark Horse): We celebrated Mind MGMT as our #2 book of 2013 and issue #17 as the Best Single Issue of 2013.  Well, wouldn’t you know, the Year of the Snake comes to a close in the jungle, the mighty jungle, where an agent sleeps tonight…
Mind MGMT #18

Mind MGMT #18

  • Batman and Two-Face #27 (DC): One of Scott Snyder’s (Batman, The Wake) favorite books of 2013!  So if you’ve discounted my opinion before, maybe you’ll believe me now: Tomasi and Gleason’s Batman is the best of bunch!  If a potent dose of the Dark Knight is what you crave, cave in and buy this book!
  • Wonder Woman #27 (DC): We’re through twenty-seven mostly solid issues and where have we gotten?  No, really: someone please tell me why I should keep buying this!  It was good just ain’t good enough anymore.  Something to consider: if I drop this and Suicide Squad–once Kindt’s run is over–I’ll be down to one New 52 book.  One.  Sad–especially with Marvel’s All-New effort to inject excitement back into their brand with big names and tempting titles.  Umm, I guess, in a way, I’m kind of calling for a Newer 52.
  • Bedlam #11 (Image): It’s taken me this long to suss Spencer out.  But now that I have, I feel fully invested in Fillmore’s story and have no good reason to ditch.
  • Dead Body Road #2 (Image): While I wasn’t blown away by #1, I like Justin Jordan enough to give it another shot.  If it doesn’t live up to expectations, I’ll bag it and tag it, put it in a box, and say good-bye.
  • Deadly Class #1 (Image): Thing is, I really don’t like Rick Remender enough to give any of his books any kind of shot.  Captain America‘s a disaster in any dimension, Uncanny Avengers was unreadable from the get-go, and Black Science gave me every reason to disbelieve in Remender and in his ability to create a world of worth.  To sharpen my point: the premise of this book sounds a lot like Five Weapons–also from Image–doesn’t it?  Ugh.  And after all that, I’ll probably still buy it.
  • Zero #5 (Image): #4 was brilliant.  In fact, it solidified Zero as one of our Top Ten Books of 2013.  Ales Kot and his coterie of artists have so far delivered four fantastic stanzas of versified violence!  And to think the epic has just begun!
Zero #5

Zero #5

  • All-New Invaders #1 (Marvel): James Robinson gave us one of our favorite books of 2012.  Steve Pugh worked on another one of our favorites from 2012.  Hope they come together to give us something to shout about in 2014.
  • All-New X-Men #22.Now (Marvel): Trial of Jean Grey?  Should I yawn.now?  We’re stuck in the All-New past!  And so am I, apparently.  There’s no other reason for my holding on.
  • Avengers World #2 (Marvel): One more try.  (If you’re humming a little Timmy T, I’ve done my job.)
  • Hawkeye #16 (Marvel): My second favorite superhero book behind Daredevil.  And easily Fraction’s sexiest offering.  Yes, I know what else he’s writing.
Hawkeye #16

Hawkeye #16

  • X-Men #9 (Marvel): The addition of the Dodsons has been a Godsend.  They’ve double-handedly drawn me back in.
  • Eternal Warrior #5 (Valiant): I’m leaning toward dropping it.  Hasn’t been bad.  Just don’t think I’m into it enough.  Feel like I’m buying it out of loyalty for Valiant.  Not a good enough reason to part with $4–not anymore.
  • The Midas Flesh #2 (BOOM!): The first issue was pure gold!  Sorry.  But, no, really: Ryan North’s clearly headed in the right direction.  Yuk, yuk.
  • The Mocking Dead #5 (Dynamite): Here it is: the final chapter of a series that can only be described as A Modest Proposal for our time!

The Mocking Dead #5

  • X-O Manowar #21 (Valiant): I still like Aric a lot–whether he’s in the armor or not.

What are you looking forward to this week?

Turning pages,