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A list notable for what’s not on it as much as for what is on it.

  • Kiss Me Satan #2 (Dark Horse): Highlight of #1: Juan Ferreyra’s gorgeous art.  Made me not care so much that I was reading a werewolf book.
  • The Massive #16 (Dark Horse): A new arc for Brian Wood’s understated masterpiece.  Now is as good a time as any to jump on board.
  • Mind MGMT #16 (Dark Horse): Met Matt Kindt at NYCC.  I didn’t bring much to my side of the conversation; I was too starstruck.  Acted pretty much the same way I did when I met Bret Easton Ellis.  Stupid me!  Not very different from the poetic voice from Lawrence’s “Snake”: “I missed my chance with one of the lords of [comics].”  I ain’t missing this, though: Mind MGMT is a top-of-the-pile book.  These self-contained issues have been really, really good.
Mind MGMT #16

Mind MGMT #16

  • Clone #11 (Image): All right, let’s get on with it!  A frivolous book, sure, but satisfying on the most basic of levels.
  • Pretty Deadly #1 (Image): Girls!  Girls!  Girls!  Love the punny title; but, come on: another western?  You’re killin’ me, ladies!  The others–including The Sixth Gun, Six-Gun Gorilla, East of West–are darned good; so there’s no reason to think that this one won’t be, as well–is there?
Pretty Deadly #1

Pretty Deadly #1

  • Rat Queens #2 (Image): I was pleasantly surprised by #1.  What does that mean for #2?  Expectations.
  • Satellite Sam #4 (Image): Fraction and Chaykin are hella heavenly over here.  If I’m being nit-picky, in #3, the former climbed the latter a little too high at times.  There’s power in implication, fellas!  Even still, I’m high on this.
  • Sex Criminals #2 (Image): More Fraction!  He promised quite a bit in the first issue, including a certain literary lineage.  Question: How Lo can he go?
  • Velvet #1 (Image): Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting are back in one of the industry’s most highly anticipated new titles.  I know I’m excited about it!  Interesting note: I’m going to have a book in mind before jumping in, but it’s not Brubaker’s own Fatale; it’s not even this team’s work on Captain America; it’s Rucka and Lark’s Lazarus.
Velvet #1

Velvet #1

  • Daredevil #32 (Marvel): #31 was a serious wipeout–especially after a gnarly #30.  Went from ripping in the green room with the Silver Surfer to getting caught in a political rip current.  Gosh, I hope I don’t get accused of a hate crime.
  • Death Sentence #2 (Titan): Montynero’s got a snarky, rock ‘n roll style that reminds of Californication.  Like Mike Dowling’s art a lot, too.
  • Numbercruncher #4 (Titan): Doesn’t matter what kind of math you use: this mini’s been a monster!  Loving every aspect of it.  In fact, we loved #3 so much that it made our Top 5 for September!  Sad to see it go–and not just because the series has been so good.  We’re losing part of our monthly communion with Simon Spurrier.  Oh my!  What are we going to do after Six-Gun Gorilla fires its last shot?
Numbercruncher #4

Numbercruncher #4

  • Harbinger #17 (Valiant): The last one ended well enough.  I suppose I’m looking forward to seeing how things turn out.

What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

Turning pages,